Sales Quarterbacks Core values
Core Value
Sales Quarterbacks Core values HUMBLE
Humility and a spirit of service to our clients allows us to achieve the highest level of customer delight. We serve and create an environment where people are respected, motivated, inspired, recognized, challenged, heard and rewarded.
Sales Quarterbacks Core values HUNGRY
We’re constantly learning and growing, so we can deliver the highest value to each other, to clients and to the community. We have big dreams at an individual and company level, and build amazing teams that are willing to stretch to achieve goals. Need improvement transforms lives, while creating positive role models in our community.
Sales Quarterbacks Core values AUTHENTIC
We’re authentic and consistent with what we say and do in all areas of work and life.
Sales Quarterbacks Core values AGILE
We encourage agility – focused speed – by inspiring everyone to work together, learn new things and innovating. We need to find ways to be smarter, faster and simpler, always looking for more effective and efficient ways of achieving goals.
Sales Quarterbacks Core values HIGH BAR
We set high expectations for ourselves and each other, providing stretch growth opportunities and rewarding excellent behavior and process, not just excellent outcomes. Consistently achieving difficult challenges matures and builds leaders – Sales Quarterbacks!
Sales Quarterbacks Core values STEWARDSHIP
We make the best use of time, money, equipment, talent and the potential of each person to provide a sustainable future and fulfill the vision of Sales Quarterbacks.
Sales Quarterbacks Core values GRIT
At the heart of the success of SQBs is a tenacious determination to never give up no matter what. We just figure it out, are resourceful, turn challenges into opportunities and enable the team to get stronger.
Sales Quarterbacks Core values PASSIONATE
We are passionate about coaching and mentoring sales professionals to transform into the best version of themselves.
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